She was seen in James Patterson's second book - Kiss the girls as in the movie. Later then she was seen again, in Violets Are Blue.

 A young physician who is captured by Casanova as part of his "harem", but manages to escape from his underground hiding place thanks to her martial arts skills. After recovering physically, she joins Cross on the hunt for her abductor, and starts to develop a close relationship with him.

As Dr. Kate was captured, by Casanova, she had to stick to the rules, that he was giving to every girl, that was in his hiden house. When once, Kate had angered Casanova, by removing his mask - she saw just his half face - he decided, to give her something to remember. When the next day, he came to her, Kate was ready to attack Casanova and succesfully manages to escape his house. 

In a while, when she was runing down the forest, she could hear Casanova's voice coming at her. She escapes him again - by jumping of a clif and into the water, where rescuers, had her and took her to the hospital. Some days later, she met Alex and slowly after then, they became friends.

Kate was willing to help Cross, with the search of Casanova and Cross's niece - that she met in Casanova's house. Their relationships became more and more greater. In the end, when the captured girls were found, Kate and Alex went on a vacation together, but not knowing, Casanova is still looking for them. 

In the beach house - where the two were having their vacation - Alex found out dead bodies from the guards, that were guarding the place and runs back towards Kate, as she was hiding in the bathroom, safe and sound. After that, Casanova came to them - with out his mask - and was known as a detective, named: Nick Ruskin. He fought Alex, with his strenght and came to Kate, to finish her once and for all, but she beat Ruskin, with martial art skills and died, when Alex shot at him.

In the end, Alex told Kate about their relationship, being to close, they decided to be friends with each other.