She was seen in James Patterson's first book - Along came a spider and the movie. Jezzie was the head of children's Secret Service detail and she was protecting Maggie Rose. As Sonei kiddnaped Maggie and Michael, to the school came Dr. Alex Cross, to investigate the serie. Jezzie meets Alex and slowly begins having an affair with him, but she keept a terrible secret from Alex. As the FBI capture Sonei at last, questioning him, where he put Maggie. When all the operations came to a end, Alex discovers the secret, that Jezzie was hiding. She was in love with someone else, for most of the time. When Jezzie and Alex went to their 'last' vacation, Alex tells her the secret, that he found.

Jezzie's boyfriend - Mike Devine - in the begining, knew where Maggie was hiding, so he took her for some rancome, that the FBI had to pay as Jezzie was playing her role, to be with Alex, as she asks him about his work and progres. At the end, Devine was killed by Sonei, that went in a prison, while Jezz, had to be executed.

 Before the kidnapping of Maggie Rose and Michael Goldberg, she held an esteemed position in the Secret Service—the first woman ever to hold the position. She is described as very beautiful, though she confides in Alex that she wishes she'd been born plain so she wouldn't have to face as much sexism in her workplace. As a white woman romantically involved with Alex (an African-American man), she faces racism, though she handles it better than Alex does. Both her parents were alcoholics, and her father committed suicide. She names them as "smart failures," or brilliant people who never made anything of their lives. When Alex confronts her about her betrayal, she admits that she approached him at first strictly to get information on what the cops knew, but that she later fell in love with him and his children.