Cross My Heart
Cross my heart
Author James Patterson
Publication date 2014
Published by Little, Brown
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Alex Cross, Run
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Cross My Heart is the twenty-first novel in the Alex Cross series all written by author James Patterson. The novel itself actually takes place after Alex Cross, Run, in which Alex tries contemplating a life outside of Metro Police, after the apparent death of Ava, an orphan girl they took in. It was initially not planned by Patterson, but was later confirmed to be in the works. The novel will once again feature Metro Police detective Alex Cross.Cross My Heart will be released 20 years after the original novel, Along Came a Spiderwas released. The novel's events, having ended on a cliffhanger, will be continued in the next novel, Hope to Die.

Plot summaryEdit

Alex Cross has been a family man at heart — he loves his children, his grandmother, and his beautiful wife Brianna. Alex Cross has managed to stop serial killers and survive. But all of that is about to change. When a new enemy targets Cross and his family, Cross finds himself in a whole new game. If he tries to save his family or stop the killer they die. Can Alex protect his family and capture a criminal at the same time?