She was seen in James Patterson's six book - Roses are Red and mentioned in the next serie, Violets Are Blue.

As in this serie, Alex had a fiancee, but was kiddnaped by Weasel. After one year, they finally found her, but with one special suprise. She had a baby. 

In Roses Are Red, Alex had to capture a nother villain, named The Mastermind, that was killling bank staff and the burglers/killers too. As on the other side of Alex's life, Christine didn't want to see Alex anymore, because she was captured by a murderer, that she could never forget. They were deciding, to who little Alex/ Alli, will go to. 

Helping Alex to solve this mistery, came a attractive FBI white woman, named Betsy, that had fall in love with Alex. On a next day, Mastermind, had kiddnaped people, that were on the tourist bus, but want to trade them for millions of dollars. As Betsy, Alex and some other FBI's were putting the money in the bags, they had to obey Materminds orders. If they don't, the prisoners, will be killed. They all had to go on the train station and go up, while every half minutes, when the train stops, they had to go down from it and went up to a nother train. As all were tired and angry with Matermind's games, he told them, the last thing - to threw the money aboard the train into the forest. As they did excactly the thing, they came back, to where they first started. 

The next day, Alex and the others went to Hartford, to interview employess as a old woman, calls Cross, as she said, she had seen some starngenes, near her village. When they came to the place, the woman was calling, they quickly realized, that somewhere in this very place, are the kiddnapped people. And they were right. They found them, all safe, no one was harmed or killed, like Mastermind promissed. Later, that night, Betsy and Alex went for a drink, when she took him to her place, to love, but Alex wasn't ready for a nother relationship. 

A week after that, they had a new clue, from a girl, that found out, that her dad was a bad guy and told the detective. They were slowly progresing, but they still weren't sure, who is the villain. After some weeks later, Betsy agreed with Alex, to spend some vacation with her, making love and Alex starting a new relationship.

At the day, when they had a clue, who the Mastermind is, they hit a blank page as the person said, they have the wrong guy. When Alex was still finding out, who is the real killer, he looks at some files as he recognizes something. Alex and Betsy went for a visit at a doctor's house, that was in a millitary, but when they captured him, he said the same thing the first person said. 

After three weeks, Kyle has phoned to Alex, to tell him about a nother murder. It was Betsy. As Alex rushed to Betsy's house, he could see her brutally murdered, when Mastermind calls him again.